Poops, I Did It Again: NYC Fringe Preview! And It's FREE!


As most of you know, I'm taking my one-woman show, Poops, I Did It Again to the New York International Fringe Festival in August. I want to do a practice run and see how it goes over, and also give my wonderful production manager, Tony Beasley a chance to run the show once before we tech and perform in our New York venue.

My awesome boss, Chris Angles, has generously allowed me to use the event space in the basement of his law firm. I'll provide some cheap booze from Costco, too!

Obviously, donations in the kitty would be appreciated, but please don't NOT come because you feel guilty you can't pay. I really just want an audience to play to and to hear feedback on the tweaks I'm making.

I'll post more details as it gets closer to time, but please join Tony and I as we prepare for Poops Takes New York!
  • The Angles Law Firm
    1609 W 92nd St, Kansas City
  • Monday Aug 1, 2016
  • Event on Facebook


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