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Hamburger Mary's *

Mary's Camp, Kansas City Style
Hamburger Mary's classic take on the Hot Beef injection has made its way to Kansas City, MO. The iconic gay chain restaurant gives a whole new meaning to Mo, too, serving up sass and camp with every hot dish.

Tags: Neighborhood Bar

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101 Southwest Blvd (at Baltimore Ave)
Kansas City, MO 64108
Midtown - Westport

(816) 842-4437


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  • ArmyBoater loves

    Aug 24 at 6:32pm ·

  • ShortyOnline loves

    Aug 6 at 11:10pm ·

  • Jose142 gave this place *
    What the age?
    How old to be able to get in?

    Jun 4 at 3:21am ·

  • DuckRoggers2038 gave this place *
    Mary's is rancid
    I agree with the reviews, but sadly it's like most Mary's in cities I've been to. Over priced and staff is is hospital.

    Apr 5 at 4:08pm ·

  • BhaelOchon is now a fan

    Dec 21 at 12:38am ·

  • BigBearJon gave this place *

    Oct 19 at 12:57am ·

  • mnsourcer gave this place *
    Recommend Patronizing Another Establishment
    Request to all: Please do not patronize Hamburger Mary's. A few months back we were at a Hamburger Mary's BearBust having a great time. Normally we just pay in cash throughout the night, but since we hadn't gone to the ATM, the bartenders on the upper patio suggested we open a tab. We did. At the end of the evening, I asked the bartender what our tab was and he said it was $89. When checking our bank account, we noticed that our bill, which was $89 on the receipt I signed plus tip was showing on the account twice (one at $89 and the other at $99) We waited a day or so to see if the second charge would be removed and it wasn't. We therefore disputed the charge with the bank. It was resolved with the smaller of the two charges being refunded to our account. Today, we were at Hamburger Mary's. Had lunch and was enjoying beers and time with friends on the patio and were approached by the two bartenders from the upper patio who suggested we open a tab. We were told that we were no longer welcomed there due to a "conflict of interest". They said this was at the direction of the manager. After repeated requests, we were never able to talk to the manager directly. In fact, it was almost as if they were trying to avoid having to get the manager. So, I would urge everyone to check your account statement when using your credit or ATM cards at Hamburger Mary's. Particularly upstairs. I originally just chalked this up to some sort of mistake. They happen. But after being approached and "tossed out" by the two bartenders who also were involved with the disputed charge, I fear there may be something more sinister happening. I hope I am wrong, but the situation is really odd to me.

    Oct 5 at 10:48pm ·

  • Naynay54 is now a fan

    Sep 25 at 2:15pm ·

  • ProfMusician is now a fan

    Jul 15, 2013 at 12:53am ·

  • Debrodriques gave this place *
    Terrible service
    The last 3 times I've come here with friends, it has been awful. The service was beyond terrible. Wait staff who couldn't care less about you and in the long run evidently couldn't care less about the owner if they're treating patrons this way. Eric (owner) is a very nice guy. I don't think he'd want like it to know his wait staff rarely gets orders correct, some don't look you in the eye, never come back for refills of water or tea....seriously....out of the 9 people in my party the last time I was there, none of us will return. That was $20 per person (do the math with me people) X9 = $180.00 approximate bill. With a 20% tip if it was good....which it wasn't...but that would have been $36 to the server...of which he got a big fat donut hole that day because he never came to the table unless we went to find him ourselves, no refills, food late, not together, never checked on cold....too bad HM...I really liked this place to play and drink/eat.....

    Jun 4, 2013 at 6:19pm ·

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