The Dykes of Hazzard


Late Night Theatre announces our next show!!! An ALL FEMALE cast of the ultimate parody theatre troup! This time, we bring a little dixie that is "The Dukes of Hazard" It's a WILD show, so get your tickets in advance before we sell out! #Hazzard

Purchase tickets at Central Ticket Office:

"The Dykes of Hazzrd" Cast:

Katie Gilchrist
Jessica Dressler aka Dorothy Gale
Stasha Case
Ashley Otis
Shannon Michalski aka Shan Bear
Annie Cherry

Written and Directed by Ron Megee
Wigs and Makeup by Andy Chambers
Costume Design by Venus Starr Nichols
Logo and Poster design by Jon Fulton Adams
Produced by Missie B's, and One Trunk Productions


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